Fashion Stylist / Art & Creative Director

Elodie Fromenteau is an international fashion stylist, art and creative director who believes in the power of clothes and style.


'Style is the answer to everything [...] Style is the difference, a way of doing, a way of being done.'  Charles Bukowski.

Based in London, but originally from France and Rwanda, Elodie is aiming to promote individuality, self-love and empowerment. 

Her mixed heritage is what makes her such an eclectic and progressive creative.

Her love for textures, bold colours and patterns is strongly represented in her work.

'I see styling as my art. It is my way of seeing and speaking to the world. My intention is to help you find your style which align with your personality and your purpose. I use my art to make an impact on the world, on people's minds and to hopefully open new horizons for future generations. 

Being a freelance fashion stylist for over two years, Elodie Fromenteau has already seen her work published in Vogue Portugal, Harper's Bazaar UK, Numéro Russia, Schön and V  magazine to name a few...

Elodie's approach to the fashion world is a mix of fun, authenticity, edge and elegance. She is very much aware that creativity has no boundaries and will expand it with a sincere passion for style and humanity.

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