Fashion Stylist // Creative Director

Elodie Fromenteau is a Fashion Stylist who believes in the power of clothes & style.


'Style is the answer to everything [...] Style is the difference, a way of doing, a way of being done.'  Charles Bukowski.

Based in London, but originally from France and Rwanda, Elodie is aiming to promote individuality, uniqueness and identity.

'I see Styling as my Art . It is my way of seeing & speaking to the world we live in. The intention is purely about expressing who you are, your identity and the reason why you are on earth. I use my art to make an impact on the world, on people's minds and to open new horizons for future generations. My biggest motivation ? Be the best, highest & truest version of myself while helping woman feeling truly empowered.

Being a freelance fashion stylist for over a year, Elodie Fromenteau has already seen her work published in Schön, Blanc, Vogue, Solstice and Atlas magazine to name a few...


Having worked with talented fashion directors such as Ilaria Niccolini and Roderick Hawthornes for two GQ cover stories, Elodie is continuing her own way with a lot of style & elegance.

Elodie's approach in the Fashion World is a mix of fun, edge & art. She is very much aware that creativity has no boundaries and will expand it with a sincere passion for Style and Humanity.

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